Three Advantages of Using Dermalogica Skin Smoothing Cream

If you fancy smooth and wrinkle-free skin, Dermalogica can provide you with skin smoothing cream that is not only effective in rejuvenating your skin and improving its sleek and healthy look, but also 100% safe to use. Its skin smoothing cream is currently one of the most popular products that the company ever releases. If you want to know why this smoothing cream can be the best rejuvenating cream for your skin, here are three advantages of using this cream to improve your skin’s smoothness.

  1. This skin smoothing cream is a natural product that is safe to use.

This skin smoothing cream contains natural ingredients that are known for their rejuvenating effects, including aloe vera, bitter orange, grape seed extract, cananga oil, green tea, mallow flower extract, ivy leaves extract, and cucumber. This smoothing cream uses butylene glycol as solvent, conditioning agent, and cream thinner. Butylene glycol is known for its humectant effect. When applied to the skin, it will trap moisture from the air and retain it, helping maintain the moisture level of the skin. Butylene glycol is generally safe to use, though it might not be suitable for very sensitive skin.

  1. This skin smoothing cream works instantly.

If you have breakout-prone skin and need the best moisturizer to control the oil production in your skin, Dermalogica skin smoothing cream can be your best choice. You don’t have to wait too long for this cream to work on your skin as its moisturizing and oil-control effect will work instantly after you apply it. Oil is the most notorious cause of breakouts. By using this skin smoothing cream, you can effectively control oil production, which may also occur on dry skin due to dehydration, and prevent breakouts from occurring.

  1. This skin smoothing cream contains potent antioxidant.

This skin smoothing cream is enriched with vitamin A, which is used as antioxidant that prevents the damaging effects of free radicals on the skin. Some of its natural ingredients, such as aloe vera and green tea, are also known to be potent natural antioxidants. If you are fighting acne or other skin problems that are caused by free radicals, this skin smoothing cream will assist in your fight.

By understanding the advantages of using this skin smoothing cream, you will be more confident when using this product. If you experience any problems when using this product, you can always consult the company’s customer service to discover the cause of your problems and to find the right product that is the most suitable for you.